Updates on Aadhaar Final Hearing: Day 29

Apr 22, 2018

On day 29 of the final Aadhaar hearing, Senior Advocate, Rakesh Dwivedi resumed his submissions and stated that it is better to tighten the nuts and bolts of Aadhaar than demolishing it completely.

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Updates on Aadhaar Final Hearing: Day 26

Apr 13, 2018

On Day 26 of the final Aadhaar hearing, Attorney General, Mr. K.K Venugopal resumed his submissions for the State. He began by explaining retrospective saving of Acts/statutes and cited cases to show that past actions can be validated by a subsequent Act. He stated that Section 59 of the Aadhaar Act provided retrospective application of the Act.

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Journey of Aadhaar

May 21, 2016

The Aadhaar scheme has undergone scrutinies and challenges at various levels since its inception as the flagship program of the Unique Identification Authority of Ind

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Without rules, Sahibs may own your data

Mar 21, 2016

Now that the inevitable death of Free Basics by Facebook has happened and the dust has settled, the real outlines of the government of India’s Internet and Digital India policies are coming into focus.

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How Parliament Debated the Aadhaar Bill, 2016

Mar 19, 2016

The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial & Other Subsidies, Benefits & Services) Bill, 2016 (hereinafter

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Evaluating the Aadhaar Bill against the National Privacy Principles

Mar 11, 2016

The Aadhaar scheme originated as an operation of the Unique Identification Authority of India that was established in 2009 as an executi

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