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All Posts | Aug 10,2020

SFLC.in sent a representation to the IT standing committee

SFLC.in had written to all the members of the IT committee chaired by Dr. Shashi Tharoor on 8th June 2020 highlighting the menace of Internet shutdowns.

Our letter highligted the adverse impact of Internet shutdowns on citizens of the country. The letter also reinstated the plight of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir as the region has had more than 365 days of restricted communication.

We have been maintaining an Internet Shutdown tracker which records the number of internet shutdowns that have occured in the country, We have also been trying to record the impact of the block by running an Initiative called Voices from Kashmir.

SFLC.in had earlier written a letter to the special committee formed by the Supreme Court in Foundation of Media Professionals V. Union of India offering our assistance to the committee.

We are hopeful that the IT committee will look into the matter of states imposing arbitary internet shutdowns and come up with recommedations that will help fighting against these net disruptions.

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All Posts | Feb 19,2019

Submission to Parliamentary Committee on Information Technology

Parliamentary Committee on Information Technology invited views on the issue of “Safeguarding Citizens Rights on Social/Online News Media Platforms”. The views were heard on 11th February 2019 along with inputs from MeitY and Twitter.

We at SFLC.in made our submission on common forms of harm on the internet, common remedial measures undertaken or provided by online platforms and the existing legal provisions. We also submitted our recommendations supporting right to privacy, endorsing strong encryption, emphasising importance of safe harbour for intermediaries, advocating wider consultations for finding solutions to tackle hate speech, opposing proactive monitoring of content and suggesting that intermediaries be free to come out with their own Terms of Service. Our submitted views are given below: