The Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) aims to bring together stakeholders in the Internet governance landscape (such as policymakers, civil society representatives, activists, business representatives and technical community representatives) in order to deepen discussions on how freedom and openness on the Internet can promote economic and social development worldwide. It is jointly organized by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Internet Infrastructure Foundation and Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency, the 2014 edition of SIF will be held over 27th and 28th May 2014.

In light of the new state of play regarding privacy and transparency on the Internet, continuing a constructive discussion on privacy as a key part of Internet freedom is more important than ever before. The importance of safeguarding users’ privacy and increasing transparency was discussed at the SIF 2013 and these issues have recently been heavily debated as key components of Internet freedom.

The overarching theme of SIF 2014 will therefore be "Internet — privacy, transparency, surveillance and control". Consequences for openness, integrity, rule of law, development, economic growth, security and intelligence will be discussed.

Mishi Choudhary (Executive Director) will represent at SIF 2014.