SFLC.in raises concerns with reticent stakeholder consultation by the National Health Authority


SFLC.in wrote to Dr. R.S.Sharma, CEO, National Health Authority regarding the worrying trend in which stakeholder consultations are undertaken by the National Health Authority.

In its letter, SFLC.in highlighted that this started with the consultation on the draft Health Data Management Policy, 2020 wherein only 7 days were provided to stakeholders to send their comments. SFLC.in had written to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, and to the former CEO of National Health Authority, seeking extension of the time frame.

Similarly, the consultation of draft Implementation Strategy for National Digital Health Mission has been undertaken in an opaque manner. The period of consultation was from March 22nd to March 29th, 2021 on the NDHM's website. However, the link is not longer listed on the website. This was also not advertised by the National Health Authority anywhere including their social media handles. The 7 day consultation period is in contravention of the Pre-Legislative Consultation Policy.

The Policy stipulates a minimum 30 days consultation period for all legislation and government policies released by ministries/ departments. Such important framework should only be finalised after detailed consultation with relevant stakeholders and public at large.

You can read our letter here: