Aadhaar, the unique biometric identification project of UIDAI has been at the center of many debates since its inception. Among other things, concerns have been raised regarding privacy, and security of the sensitive biometric data of residents of the country. As a part of our digital privacy project, we have been tracking Aadhaar and its related developments, analysing the Aadhaar Act, 2016, creating time-line of the scheme, following the judicial orders, and pending litigations, along with cataloging the violations of the Supreme Court’s orders dated 11th August, and 15th October, 2015.

Following is the consolidated list of our blog posts, and opinion pieces around the Aadhaar scheme:

Our Blog Posts:

  1. Aadhaar on trial: The litigations around Aadhaar
    January 5, 2017



  2. Summary Report: Discussion on Understanding Aadhaar through the Lens of Technology
    October 7, 2016



  3. Discussion on ‘Understanding Aadhaar through thelens of technology and security’(Sept 5, 2016)
    September 2, 2016



  4. Cataloguing violations of Supreme Court’s orderson Aadhaar
    August 17, 2016



  5. Journey of Aadhaar – Graphical Illustration
    July 13, 2016



  6. Journey of Aadhaar
    May 21, 2016



  7. How Parliament Debated the Aadhaar Bill, 2016
    May 21, 2016



  8. Evaluating the Aadhaar Bill against the National Privacy Principles
    March 11, 2016



Our opinion pieces:

  1. ‘Putting all Aadhaar data in one big box is ill-advised’: Mishi Choudhary
    November 9, 2016



  2. Yahoo!: A cautionary tale
    October 19, 2016



  3. Three Privacy Principles that India Must Uphold
    March 25, 2016



  4. Why lack of right to privacy will hurt India’s freedom
    March 21, 2016



  5. Without rules, Sahibs may own your data
    March 21, 2016



  6. Aadhaar and the right to privacy
    October 20, 2015