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India bans 118 Chinese apps including PUBG

Mishi Choudhary was quoted in a report about the chinese app ban explaining how bans are only a stop gap measure and the imperative for data protection laws to protect people long term.


Rajasthan govt backtracks, clarifies Aadhaar is not mandatory for COVID-testing

This article reports that SFLC.in wrote to the Rajasthan government after it made Aadhaar mandatory for covid-19 testing, mentioning that it was against the Supreme Court Aadhaar Judgement. 

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Black holes': India's coronavirus apps raise privacy fears

This article on gaping inconsistencies on contact tracing apps in India, refers to the SFLC April report on Aarogya Setu's privacy policy. It also quotes Prasanth Sugathan explaining the inadequacies in the State's contact tracing app's privacy policy. 

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India: Health workers alarmed over ‘black holes’ in COVID-19 apps

This article on Facebook's effect on Indian democracy quotes Mishi Choudhary's explanation of surveillance capitalism and the toxicity of platforms whose business model based on advertisement alone.

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Kashmir, a year onfrom the change

This article on Kashmir's conditions post revokation of its special status quotes the sflc tracker on internetshut downs. 


Can govt make Aarogya Setu mandatory and use it to deny services to citizens?' asks Karnataka HC

This is a report on the petition filed in the Karnataka High Court about making Aaorgoya Setu voluntary mandatory for services by representatives from SFLC.in.  

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How India became the world’s leader in internet shutdowns


Pulling the Plug

This essay written by Mishi Choudhary writes in the aftermath of the tiktok ban for government's to enact pro-privacy legislation