Defender of your Digital Freedom

SFLC.in relies on donations to protect your digital freedoms. We are actively seeking contributions from
institutions, foundations, corporations, and individuals that wish to substantially support our mission.
Read the FAQs at the bottom of this page for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sponsor/donate to SFLC.in?
We are non-profit organisation dedicated to defending your digital rights. We promote innovation and open access to knowledge by helping developers make great Free and Open Source Software, protect privacy and civil liberties for citizens in the digital world by educating and providing free legal advice and help policy makers make informed and just decisions with the use and adoption of technology.

How will we utilize your sponsorship/donation funds?
All the funds will be utilised to improve our existing projects or launch new projects, and taking steps towards ensuring your digital freedoms.

Is SFLC.in a nonprofit organization? Will I get tax exemption if I donate?
Yes. You can avail tax exemption under Section 80G. We need your PAN details to give you a receipt.

Can I sponsor/donate for specific projects?
Yes. Please go to https://sflc.in/join-us for more details. Also, please write to us at ‘donations@sflc.in’.

Can I just make a one-time donation?
Yes. Please go to https://sflc.in/donate for more details.

I’d like to talk to someone about supporting your work!
Please write to us at ‘donations@sflc.in’.